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Angela Butler helps clients identify roadblocks that are holding them back from achieving their true potential. During her coaching sessions, Angela guides her clients through a process of goal setting, self-discovery and goal achieving.

Having your own coach is probably the most direct and effective way to improve personal and professional results. Great athletes and performers all have coaches who help them connect to their true potential and YOU now have the opportunity to be coached by Angela Butler.

Angela’s coaching is telephone and face to face based, which allows individuals in and outside of the area to have access to her unique style of helping people connect to their true potential.

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A keynote speaker can make or break your event.

Angela Butler inspires her audiences, large and small when she steps to the podium. Angela brings value to your meeting, special event or conference.

Angela is known for connecting with audience members and conveying easy-to-understand techniques for unleashing one’s true potential. She customizes her message for your audience to convey change in personal behavior is the driving force for great results. Angela enjoys speaking on topics relating to the power of purpose, vision and personal growth. Along with connecting to your true potential.



Customized Training Sessions for Your Corporation or Organization
Angela Butler training sessions provide the opportunity for members of your organization to learn techniques for success. Training sessions are designed to bring like-minded professionals and leaders who are dedicated to making effective and lasting changes to their lives together. Training sessions help attendees maximize their potential by using practical principals to live with a clear purpose and lead others effectively. Training Group settings are normally 10-15 people.

For more information on Angela’s Training sessions, contact her.

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